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Porsche Mission E spotted testing in Germany

Porsche’s first all-electric saloon will spawn various models, with different power outputs and over-the-air updates. Spy shots from Germany have revealed Porsche has started development work on its all-electric Mission E that’s set to enter production by 2019. And it’s clear who Porsche appears to be targetting with its first all-electric model, as a fleet of Mission E’s can be seen in convoy with the Tesal Model S.

The images show a blacked-out test mule with a few changes to the Mission E concept that was unveiled at the Frankfurt Motor Show back in 2015. The headlamps on the test mule appear to be more traditional, similar to those on the Cayman, while the suicide doors have been axed for traditional front-hinged doors.

The white-walled wheels have also been axed and replaced with regular five-spokes. The test mule bares a strong resemblance to the Panamera, albeit smaller. Porsche intends to place the Mission E beneath the Panamera in the German manufacturer’s model range when production commences.

Speaking from the 2017 Geneva Motor Show, CEO Blume told Auto Express: “The Mission E will sit in the segment below the Panamera. It will offer a 500km (310-mile) range, with a 15-minute charge time.”

Porsche plans to sell 20,000 Mission E models a year and is looking at supplementing the range with a high-performance GT-E variant, as well as other versions with varying power outputs.

“We will think of different options,” Blume said. “There will be more than one. With different levels of power.”


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