For Customers

What is ULIST?

ULIST is an online marketplace where customers can explore their local cities to find verifiable and trustworthy local businesses that provide various services and offer multiple products on sale to satisfy their desired needs.

How does ULIST work?

    • Customers come to ULIST looking to hire services or buy products from verified businesses to help them for their needs such as buying or renting a car,home or looking for a new job change or just going out to the latest event.
    • Alternatively customers can browse our beautiful country nationwide in search of the best local business has to offer

Does the ULIST service cost anything?

NO, ULIST is a free service for customers like you to find, hire,rent or buy from our local businesses to satisfy all your desired needs.

For Business Owners

How can my business benefit from ULIST?

ULIST is an online marketplace where we identify customers looking to get products and services from local businesses to satisfy their desired needs.

How does ULIST work for Businesses?

    • Customers come to ULIST looking to hire services or buy products from verified businesses to help them for their needs: We send you a lead notification of the customer request via email or text message or direct messages from prospect clients.
    • You review the request details and the location, and decide if you want the lead.
    • If you are interested and qualified, you can log into your account to pursue the lead.
    • Make contact with the customer and send your quote or arrange a meeting: You will have full access to the customer’s contact information.
    • Simultaneously, the customer will also be notified that you are interested and have access to your contact details.
    • Make contact with the customer as soon as possible when receiving the lead to have the best chance of getting hired or selling your product.
    • Call or message the customer to understand the requirement in more detail.
    • Send a custom quote that includes your price of the services that you will offer or product on sale.
    • The customer decides who to hire or buy from desired products.
    • Once hired, you will work out the details with the customer to get the project done and they will pay you directly.
    • Ask the customer to write you a great review as this will help you win more clients in the future.

Is there a monthly or annual subscription fee?

YES. You only pay for the subscription package that serves your business needs. You’re in total control.

What payment methods can be used?

We offer the following payment options:
  • Credit Card
  • Direct Deposit

  • How do I setup my ULIST Listings?

    By using our User Friendly Interface. Just follow the steps:
  • Sign in or create an account.
  • Click the Add Listing button.
  • Choose your listing type: Place of Business, Event, Job, Real Estate or Car.
  • Follow the easy steps to set it up.
  • Add all the necessary info, pics and details.
  • You can also select a paid advertisement for your listing and select the option of having a professional photographer take photos of your property.
  • Once you’ve posted your listing just wait for your potential clients to contact you directly.

  • Can I add more than one business listing to my account?

    • YES. You can add multiple business listing types and assign it to your account.
    • Please contact our support team at and we will verify your multiple business listing types and if approved will list them accordingly.

    How do I remove a ULIST Listing?

    Simply login into your account, go to “My Listings” select the listing, press delete the it’s gone.

    If customers view my listings and I receive lead notification emails from ULIST, will I be charged?

    NO. You will only be charged a subscription fee and no other hidden costs.

    Can I choose the leads that will be sent to me?

    YES. You can always choose which leads to respond too, which area radius of leads you would want to call on or which leads sent is relevant to your business.

    I am not receiving many customer leads, what can I do?

    If you are receiving fewer customer requests than normal; it could be that there are fewer customer requests in your product offering or service category, potentially due to natural market fluctuation or seasonality. You can try opting into more product offerings or service categories. If this is still a concern please contact our support team at

    I am unable to sign in to my account. What should I do?

    If you are having trouble signing in, there are a few things to check:
  • Double check that you are using the correct username and password combination.
  • If you have forgotten your username or password, you can reset it here.
  • If you are still having trouble; contact our support team and we’ll be able to help you.

  • How Do I Reset My Password?

    You can reset your password here. Just enter your email address and a new password will be emailed straight to your inbox.

    What if my payment is declined?

    There may be a few reasons why your card has declined:
    • You may have insufficient funds.
    • Your card billing details may not have been entered correctly at checkout or your card has expired.
    • Your card issuer may have declined your payment and they don’t tell us why so, we would recommend getting in touch with them for further information.
    • If none of these applies to you, please contact us at

    How do I update my email address or personal details?

    To update your email address; sign in to your account. Click the Menu dropdown and then Account Details. Here you can update your personal information,passwords, contact details and email address.

    What if a customer has posted a negative review about my business?

    We know how disappointing it can be to receive a negative review on our site. ULIST will not delete, censor, or edit reviews. We value honesty and transparency, and therefore a review will only be removed if the review violates our Terms and Conditions. We do, however, encourage you to respond to the review and/or reach out to the customer if you feel there is an opportunity to do better. Review responses are best when they state your thoughts in friendly yet professional tone. A quality response should explain any points in the review you want to clarify for future customers. If you would like to discuss a particular customer review or would like ULIST’s assistance to respond to the review; contact our client services team.

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